Heal safely using premium vegan and organic products with your family, friends, yogis, health and wellness gurus, and pets. Products with essential oils are always certified pure therapeutic grade.

  • Body Art Balm*

    • to deeply moisturize, prep your skin pre-tattoo, heal fresh body art and enhance ongoing maintenance.

  • Pet Paws Healing Salve*

    • deeply moisturizes dry, cracked, paws and noses. It’s safe to bite and lick.

  • Bloomin’ Bath Salts

    • provide peaceful rejuvenation, romance, relaxation, soothes aches & pains.


Skin care products with essential oils can be extra beneficial to disinfect, purify, calm and heal ourselves, family, pets, in your home, office, vehicle, and on-the-go.

These tiny active, volatile molecules deliver oxygen to our damaged cells, energize, and relax our moods through our skin and olfactory system. The olfactory system connects our nose to the brain. When we breathe in these vibrating, volatile molecules they travel to the prefrontal cortex, our emotions section of the brain. This is how essential oils can uplift and balance our moods.

Essential oils can be incorporated into our lifestyle in a variety of ways.

  1. Safety first
    Watch Dr. Josh Axe’s safety video here and feel free to contact us for guidance.

  2. Breathe in
    with aromatherapy diffusers, add a drop or two onto lava rock, wood, and leather jewelry and keychains, and a small piece of felt/fleece to place in vents, stinky shoes, drawers, and closets.

  3. Apply to skin
    with proper dilution ratios mixed with carrier oils and safe ingredients for massage oils, balms, salves, bath salts, refreshing mists, and dry shampoos.

  4. Spray
    surfaces, countertops, doorknobs, purses, bookbags, and linens.

  5. Sprinkle
    powder blends in closets, stinky shoes, carpets (wait 15 minutes then vacuum).

  6. Take internally in a warm gentle tea, breath freshener mist, or in a capsule.

Self care and self love are necessary for our health, not an indulgence.

Breathe Confidence using NicMarie.