Heal safely using premium vegan and organic products with your family, friends, yogis, vegans, health and wellness gurus, and pets at home, work, school and on-the-go. Products with essential oils are always certified pure therapeutic grade.

  • Body Art Balm*

    • to deeply moisturize, prep your skin pre-tattoo, heal fresh body art and enhance ongoing maintenance.

  • Pet Paws Healing Salve*

    • can heal dry, cracked, bleeding noses and paws. It’s safe for ingesting, as we know dogs like to bite and lick irritated skin. This product does not contain any essential oils.

  • Germ Bustin’ Immune Booster Mists

    • kill germs and strengthen our immune system simultaneously as we spray on our hands, neck, body, vehicle interiors, door knobs, kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

  • Bloomin’ Bath Salts

    • for romance, relaxation, easing aches & pains, and, of course, peaceful rejuvenation.

*Read ingredient details

Skin care products with essential oils can be extra beneficial to disinfect, purify, calm and heal ourselves, family, pets, and home, vehicle, and on-the-go. These tiny active, volatile molecules can deliver oxygen to our damaged cells, energize, and relax our moods through our skin and olfactory system. The olfactory system connects our nose to the brain. When we diffuse and smell these vibrating molecules they travel, specifically, to the prefrontal cortex, the emotions section of the brain. This is how essential oils can uplift and balance our moods.

Essential oils can be incorporated into our busy lives in several ways to soothe our body, mind and soul.

1. Breath in their aromatic, active, volatile, and oxygen delivering molecules.
2. Apply to our skin and surfaces, including carpets, to clean, deodorize, and disinfect.
3. Use internally with a warm gentle tea, breath freshener mist, or in a capsule.
Some health professionals do not recommended internal use. Feel free to contact us about how to do this safely.
4. Soothe our busy bodies, minds and souls. 

It’s a win - win - win!

Appreciate yourself. Remember Self Love. Breathe Confidence using NicMarie.